Improved Threat Detection

Improved Threat Detection

At Kaavalan, our flagship offering revolves around delivering a high-precision threat intelligence service, strategically tailored to elevate your organization's cybersecurity resilience. Our threat intelligence feed places a premium on accuracy, ensuring that your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is equipped with precise and relevant information to detect and respond to threats effectively.

One key aspect of our service is minimizing false positives, a critical factor in preventing alert fatigue and focusing your security team's attention where it matters most. By providing meticulously curated threat data, we strive to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio within your SIEM, enabling your team to respond promptly to genuine threats without being inundated by false alarms. Moreover, our threat intelligence service is customizable to align with your organization's unique needs and risk profile. This customization empowers you to fine-tune your feeds, ensuring that the information you receive is directly applicable to your specific environment. In essence, choosing Kaavalan's threat intelligence service not only guarantees accuracy and minimizes false positives but also provides the flexibility to tailor the feeds to your organization's distinct cybersecurity requirements, ultimately fortifying your defences against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Key Features

Customized Threat Intelligence Feeds

Customized Threat Intelligence Feeds

Tailor our threat intelligence service to align precisely with your organization's unique cybersecurity needs.

Customize feeds to focus on specific threats relevant to your industry, ensuring a targeted and effective defence strategy.

Flexibility of choosing what you want and which vendor you trust. Off course we do the heavy lifting if you want us to choose the best in class feeds for you.

Real-Time and Relevant Information

Real-Time and Relevant Information

Access up-to-the-minute insights into emerging threats, allowing your organization to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Receive timely and pertinent information that enhances the accuracy of threat detection and response efforts

Mobile Control with Custom Change Control Process

Mobile Control with Custom Change Control Process

Benefit from our precision-focused approach, significantly reducing false positive alerts that can lead to unnecessary disruptions and operational strain.

Prevent alert fatigue by filtering out noise, ensuring your security team can prioritize and respond to genuine threats efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose
Accelerate threat intelligence integration with our user-friendly APIs, reducing configuration time and ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup.
Enable your security team to access real-time threat data promptly, enhancing response times and fortifying your defences without delays.
Experience immediate threat intelligence sharing through our rapid TAXII feed integration.
Minimize setup time while ensuring a secure and automated exchange of threat information, allowing your organization to stay agile in the face of emerging threats.
Swiftly integrate with the Malware Information Sharing Platform & Threat Sharing (MISP), leveraging its community-driven threat data without prolonged configuration.
Enhance your organization's situational awareness rapidly, fostering collaboration and quick adaptation to the evolving threat landscape.
Tailor threat intelligence feeds effortlessly to your organization's unique needs, with a plug-and-play approach that requires minimal configuration.
Optimize the relevance of threat data without the hassle, ensuring your security team focuses on actionable information right from the start.
Aggregate threat intelligence from diverse sources quickly, providing a comprehensive view of the threat landscape without extensive setup times.
Implement a multi-faceted defence approach promptly, incorporating intelligence from various feeds to strengthen your organization against a wide range of cyber threats.

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, accurate threat detection is paramount. Our cutting-edge service specializes in seamlessly integrating Threat Intelligence with multiple SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions to elevate your organization's defence capabilities. With a focus on precision, our service aims to significantly improve detection rates while minimizing false positives

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